Most of us “ Muslims “ are really just like you. Trying to get through college, hoping to get a nice paying job that we actually like , or not. I mean who ever ends up with a job they actually like, very few if you ask me. But that’s not the point i am trying to make here. See , most Muslims just want to settle down in the nearest future, probably have a kid or two. Others are just trying to provide for their families. There is nothing alien about who we are or how we live our lives. We’re very normal human beings, breathing, trying to get through the day just like you, only that we put all of our faith in Allah while at it. Never forget that there are over 1.7 billion Muslims around the world, judging all of us based on the wrongful acts…

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Over the last decade economies with great potentials with resources and goals have faded and failed to reach their targets. This is largely because of mismanagement, greed and poor governance from the politicians. As a result the citizens are exposed to poverty, poor education, Insecurity, poor health care and industrial growth. Lack of national unity in an atmosphere of the rising profile of ethnicity and religious bigotry is another problem that is vehemently affecting the growth and development of the country.
The most Populous country in Africa with a population of 167 million people (2012), and Second biggest economy on the African continent. According to the US investment advisory In 1960 Nigeria with the per capita income was better and higher than Per capita income of South Korea, also Nigeria was the preferred investment location to Japan (2013).

According to NNPC, Nigeria’s Oil and Gas industry, Nigeria is the largest…

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Zainab Usman

So I am off to Nigeria today. I am looking forward to going home after what seems like eternity because the last time I was in the motherland was August 2011. I put off my trip home severally last year, and in the interim, I “endured” concerned, cheeky and some downright snide remarks such as: ” … it seems you have no intention of coming back home” “…you are busy ‘enjoying’ and you have abandoned your country”. In fact, one concerned and angry fellow a few months back, in an email, accused me and other “Nigerians in the diaspora” of “…staying abroad and abandoning the comrade struggle in Nigeria…”

As most Africans in the diaspora will confirm, “going home” can be quite the ordeal for one major reason — Souvenirs! One is expected and/or obligated to get gifts from “abroad” for legions of immediate, extended, and distant relatives. Add neighbours…

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Sylverine's Wrath: The Series

Days grow old but never grow grey, seasons running into each other like athletes in a race. The days of our lives are like writings on the wall, but we are all blind to see these walls so we perish in the search of knowledge that needn’t be found and glory that we don’t deserve. If the intelligence of man was really at the same level with the gods, he would have seen that this life, nature and everything beautiful and ugly in it is nothing but a mirage. An Illusion designed to make our lives either easy or complex depending on the ignorance we mix it up with. Our lives could thus be written as caligraphs on the papyrus of happiness or the mouldering ruins of destruction but the stylus to write the tales of our existence is like fate in the hands of destiny under the auspices of…

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Interesting piece of shit

Alweadycrazy's Blog

*enters shrine* *removes cobwebs* *dusts all over* *cover nose*

It has been a while we had a meeting in this shrine after that one we had on CHEATING (most popular demand of my posts after “The Tale Of A Playboy”). Choi and that boy @therealMswag I give two okin biscuit to clean and weed this place is just useless. *sighs*

*opens calabash* Lemme skype this people to meet me here.

*after 10min*


*clears throat*
ahem.. Khm khm..
I welcome you all to this meeting. Sorry for not calling for a meeting for a very long time.

*@OluwaWanaBaba cuts in*
“Heyysee. Sorry for yourself, when you were busy telling us the story of your Playboy bullsh*t nko. And interviewing what you call divas on past relationships you don’t know abi?”

AlweadyCrazy: “Mayowa, are you talking to me like that? Have you forgotten that I’m still the priest of The shrine?…

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Stupid, if u ask me

cath15's Blog

ok ok ok now its ma turn, sebi na all of una sabi make blog abi, oh well here is mine. TOP 8 BrokeAssChicks on Twitter, And if you like call me an ATTENTION SICKER jux like dat last blogger called @LADYY_HAAHA Lmao!   1)@NickkyButterCup – she no dey pss her house snap picture nd please tell her to change her dead rug oh well Twin_nicki hs told her dis b4! Almost eryone on twitter knows d colour of her ouse 3) imagine make chick make garri her life nd heard she drinks garri in her avi *sigh* ow bad ccan it be? Please let’s #SaveNickkyBuercup   #GodBless                2)@Lil_ms_nutty – Same with this one too oh, always taking pics in her dirty room, Twin_nicki already she menstruated on her bedshit nd cudnt wash up *smh* try go out nd flex nd please wash…

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